Sigma Nu

University of Pennsylvania

Website for The Beta Rho (University of Pennsylvania) Chapter of the Beta Rho fraternity, continuously chartered since 1894.

Our House

Our chapter house is a bastion of heritage and wonder. Built in the 1850s, it began as a mansion for a wealthy Victorian family. It was then used as a church for a time, still evidenced by the organ pipes in the main living room where meetings are held and brothers and guests spend time together. The house became the Sigma Nu House in 1894, right after Sigma Nu was founded at Penn. It has withstood generations of brothers and stands strong and elegant today.

Unlike most fraternities on campus, the house is not owned by the University. The property is owned and managed by the Beta Rho Property Company, a group of dedicated alumni who work tirelessly to maintain house operations. This allows for many comforts that would not be present under the University's ownership, such as high-definition digital cable.