Sigma Nu

University of Pennsylvania

Website for The Beta Rho (University of Pennsylvania) Chapter of the Beta Rho fraternity, continuously chartered since 1894.


Why Us?

We understand how difficult it can be to choose from the many fraternities at Penn. However, the brothers of Sigma Nu believe that our house offers a unique, multi-faceted college experience unmatched by other fraternities. 

Our brotherhood attracts campus leaders, men who not only embrace leadership roles in our fraternity, but who also command respect on Penn's campus because of their dedication to outside clubs. Organizations our brothers are leaders in include the Undergraduate Assembly, International Affairs Association, Penn Speech & Debate, Wharton Investment and Trading Group, the Daily Pennsylvanian, Wharton China Business Society, and many more. If you are someone seriously committed to your extracurricular activities, we strongly encourage you consider joining. 

As an inherently social organization, Sigma Nu encourages an open and friendly environment. Through a variety of social events, Sigma Nu provides a nice break from the rigors or academia. But whether or not you consider yourself a "partier," the bonds of friendship forged between brothers will last for a lifetime

Ask our brothers why they joined, and they frequently mention our chapter house. Unlike other fraternity housing, our house is privately owned. The brotherhood can make decisions in conjunction with the landlords about how to change and improve the house. For example, we recently renovated every room, remodeled the porch area, repaved our own parking lot, and installed an updated security & fire alarm system. We offer free laundry, HD digital cable, high-speed Wi-Fi, tons of storage space, and a heavily discounted parking lot. 

If you decide to rush Sigma Nu, please take a moment to ask a brother why he joined. Also, feel free to contact any member of the Executive Board with questions.